Custom Furnishings for Colleges and Universities

commercial furniture for colleges & universitiesDesign Furnishings, Inc. has designed, built, and installed custom furniture for various colleges and universities around the country.

Facing strict spending regulations and the threat of ever-shrinking budgets, university presidents must make shrewd decisions when it comes to investing in furniture for their campus and facilities. We have experience creating custom furniture for lobbies, classrooms, waiting areas, study nooks, libraries, dining facilities, and other areas.

Design Furnishings understands the challenges presented by selecting furnishings for a university setting. It is essential that these pieces be built for optimal durability—capable of withstanding continual wear and tear. Our craftsmen use exterior-grade plywood, harvested from sustained forests, to construct a robust interior framework that ensures our pieces are perfectly suited for the college environment. We use more braces than any other manufacturer and secure all of our joints with both glue and nails to guarantee stability.

We work with colleges and universities to develop custom furniture solutions for campuses large and small. Some of our past clients include:

  • Jacksonville University
  • University of Florida
  • Ohio State University
  • University of Texas

If custom furnishings are not the right choice for your college or university, click here to view our catalog of pre-finished products.

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Our convenient turn-key solutions include:
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Quoting From One Source
  • Custom Construction
  • Manufactured Furniture Purchases
  • Storage As Needed
  • Coordinated Delivery of All Pieces
  • Installation of All Pieces
  • Invoicing From One Source
All on time and within budget–guaranteed!