Design Consultations

At Design Furnishings, we consider design consultations to be one of the most important aspects of our custom furniture development process. During a consultation, our team of furniture designers and support staff will visit your space, take measurements and photos if necessary, and begin developing an initial space plan. We will then create a layout rendering using CAD technology that may include space for waiting areas, dining tables, booths, hostess stands, waiter stations, bars, back bars, kitchens, office space, and more. This ensures that your custom furnishings will be designed and constructed to fit perfectly within your space, and that they will accommodate the necessary number of guests.

At this time, we also discuss our client’s needs as they relate to durability, fabric selection, preferred materials, budget, and project timelines. We will evaluate color selections throughout the space, architectural elements, the theme and concept of the business, and any other information that may affect the design of the furniture. Our expertise in this area is invaluable to clients who may be opening a restaurant or bar for the first time, when mistakes regarding furniture selection and comfort can be devastating.

The Design Furnishings team has been doing design consultations for clients all over the world since 1976. This allows us to provide our clients with unique venue-appropriate suggestions and design input that will maximize the space they have available.

Regardless of industry or design style, Design Furnishings can fully customize the furniture needed to finish any restaurant, bar, hotel, cruise ship, university or hospital, and guarantee its longevity and durability.

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Our convenient turn-key solutions include:
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Quoting From One Source
  • Custom Construction
  • Manufactured Furniture Purchases
  • Storage As Needed
  • Coordinated Delivery of All Pieces
  • Installation of All Pieces
  • Invoicing From One Source
All on time and within budget–guaranteed!